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www.usa.hammockyucatan.com is an online retail store dealing with recognized hammocks manufacturers. We want our customers to enjoy the best, FAIRLY produced Mayan, Thaï and Colombian hammocks and chairs. 

HAMMOCK YUCATAN  was built on a very close relationship with hammock weavers from the Yucatan State in Mexico. Our goal was to supply the world with the most comfortable hammocks and chair hammocks and, by doing so, to provide a decent income for hundred of Mayan families. 
Now we also do so with tribes from the hills of Northern Thaïland.

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Because of major differences in shipping costs our commercial activities are internationally organized according to the customer's location. Each of our branches have gain over the years a very good reputation and you can trust us for all your hammock needs.

Since 2008 we work with hammock weavers from the Yucatan State in Mexico. The Mayan hammocks and chairs we offer are recognized as FAIR TRADE hammocks.

Workers do not have to pay for the material they use. No children are working and are therefore free to go to school. Weavers work 3 to 5 hours a day in their own home while caring for their kid. The team responsible for quality control and shipping work in a nice  environment at a salary higher then those in large manufactures.

Our Mayan hammocks and chairs are real jewels completely hand woven by Mayan artisans using some 7 centuries hold techniques. 

In 2017 I have discovered the best outside hammock one can look for. I have tested them and went to visit the weavers to be convince that those hammocks are not only the best but that every time you will buy one you will help people from the hill of the north of Thailand to earn a decent living while keeping their culture alive. They are certified by the World Fair Trade Organization. 

My HILL TRIBE hammocks are simply the best !