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Mayan hammock / Mexican hammock / String hammock

Mayan hammocks are simply the most comfortable cotton hammocks. We have them handmade by skilled artisans from the Yucatan state in Mexico. The diamond weave adjusts to the weight and shape of the body perfectly. The support removes pressure points and thus allows the muscles of the body to relax. The feeling has been compared to floating on a cloud. 

Mayan hammocks are very wide allowing to lie down in a diagonal position. Body weight is distributed evenly throughout the hammock. This is the adequate and ideal posture for sleeping, as the inhabitants of the Mayan zone have been doing for hundreds of years.

Mayan hammocks are also extremely comfortable because they provide good ventilation. They are light-weight, so string hammocks can be used for camping or taken to the beach. The main disadvantage is that it is easier to damage a string hammock with a sharp object.

Mayan women on a hammock

The cotton fibre breathe and will stretch to adjust perfectly to the shape of your body making it the most comfortable.. We carry 2 sizes of yarn. The regular one (#9) is thinner and the most widely use while the thick cord hammocks (#24) are the most resistant ones.


The hammock made from nylon will not stretch. It is more like sleeping on a wood board. In southern Mexico they are widely used for it's capacity to resist humidity and perspiration. They can't be left under direct sunlight.

Our Polypro hammocks are made with a cordon and not just a tread, meaning that they stretch to be very comfortable.

Our Mayan hammocks from Yucatan are available in a large rainbow assortment of colors and combinations. Since they are hand made by creative artisans, no two are exactly alike.

A multicolor hammock will bring happiness in your interior or exterior decor.

We also offer hammocks in a single color or 2 color combinations
How to understand Mayan hammocks (Mexican hammocks) sizes?

The size of a string Mayan hammock is determined by the quantity of yarn used to weave it, and this quantity is verified by the weight of the hammock. On the market the standards are 1kg for a single, 1.25 kg for a matrimonial, 1.4 kg for a family size and 1.70 kg for the biggest. 

Length is almost the same for each size. The difference is in the width of the hammock. Heavier means more material, wider, more comfortable and more time to make it. As it is diagonally that we must lie in a hammock the width matters more then the length. The larger the hammock the more comfortable it will feel. This holds true even for one person. The general rule is to get the largest hammock you can reasonably afford. Mexican artisans also make a small hammock at 650 gr. This hammock is barely big enough for a children and we do not carry it.

Hammock retailers use different words to describe the size of their hammock. Don’t be fooled! A poor quality hammock with a loose weave will stretch more then a good one but will be less comfortable and will leave more marks on the skin.

The only way to know if you are getting the right hammock is by considering it’s weight.

Our LARGE hammock weighs between 1.15 kg and 1.20 kg. It is perfect for one person up to 5'8" tall.

The XXL is perfect for a taller person or to use with someone else. It weighs between 1.65 kg and 1.75 kg.

Our THICK CORD hammock is an EXTRA-LARGE one weighing 6,6 lbs.. This hammock is very comfortable and it's yarn is 3 times bigger then the regular one, Here is a strong hammock that will last many years if you take good care of it.

To extend the life of your hammock, we suggest taking it down when not in use. The morelos hammock will not be affected by rain and comes with a FREE hammock saver to protect it from the sun.

            Large                          XXL                    Jumbo thick cord