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How to select the right hammock

Thinking of buying a hammock? With so many hammocks offered discover the pros and cons of different types of hammocks and which hammock will be best for you.

First, we divide the selection into 2 groups, with or without spreader bars. People might think that spreader bars add comfort, but in fact it is the other way around. Hammocks without spreader bars are more comfortable, because they wrap around your body better. On the other hand, spreader bar hammocks are easier to get in and out and are great looking.

You will also have to choose the right material according to your needs or how you want to use your hammock. Until now cotton was the softer and more comfortable while nylon, polypropylene or polyester are better to resist humidity but have to be protected from sun. The new line of Hill-Tribe hammocks are made with acrylic which is the softest yarn and can stay out all summer under sun and rain.

Then you have to select the size of your hammock and, finally, its color(s).

*** The smaller the string the more comfortable it is, but easier to damage. Mayan weavers use 3 sizes of cotton yarn.

*** Cotton Mayan hammocks are much more comfortable then nylon (which is almost always polypropylene) but it has to be protected from rain

*** Polypropylene resist mildew but can dry out if overexposed to the sun.

*** Acrylic is the softest material and can be left outside all summer long.

  Cotton MAYAN hammocks

 are the most comfortable Mayan hammocks and are for adults who will take good care of them. This means keeping it away from bad weather and making sure it is always completely dry before storing. The fine string that makes it so comfy is easier to damage so beware of sharp objects, jewels and buttons. This hammock is the best choice for interior usage and warmer climate. If properly taken care of it will last from 5 to 10 years.

  Nylon or polypropylene MAYAN hammocks

 are not nearly as comfortable as the cotton ones. By the nature of its fibre it will resist humidity. This makes this hammock a good choice for warm and humid climate. The yarn is very strong but still can be cut by sharp objects.
Polypropylene as also a tendency to stick to Velcro. Overexposed to the sun the yarn will dry and loose its colour intensity.
Hammocks made with 100% real nylon can stay out all summer long with no damage.


  Simply the most comfortable and resistant outside hammocks. The acrylic yarn is very soft and resist sun and rain. The bed is a little stiffer then cotton but except for this they are really special hammocks. 

  Fabric hammocks

 are made of tightly woven cotton or poly/cotton cloth. Those hammocks are especially great for families with children because the bed of the hammock is solid with no gap. This also means there is no air flow through the hammock so they are most comfortable when used in cooler climates. Cotton hammocks will take long time to dry if left out in the rain so it is recommended to store them after usage. This hammock is also easy to carry with you. Those are the type of hammocks encountered in South-America.

  Traditional ROPE hammocks
Were the most popular in North-America. All rope hammocks include spreader bars that separate the sides of the hammock, keeping it open when not in use. This way they look good in the garden. Rope hammocks are generally made of cotton, polyester or Olefin. Cotton rope absorbs moisture which makes it more susceptible to mildew. Polyester is more durable and withstands high humidity making it less susceptible to mold and mildew. Mayan rope hammocks have a tighter weave and are much more comfortable then the regular rope hammock.

SO !
  • You want a hammock to be installed inside ? You will install it outside but are ready to store it after usage ? Comfort is the most important thing of all ? No doubt that the cotton Mayan hammock will give you the most satisfaction for the price. Furthermore they are the biggest and some can hold the whole family. If you worry about the thin yarn because of the kids or heavy usage, consider the XL thick cord Mayan hammock or a cloth (fabric) hammock like the Colombian hammocks. You want to leave it outside all summer long ? No doubt that you will love the Deluxe Caribbean hammocks  but don't forget to consider the MOST BEAUTIFUL Fair trade Hill-Tribe hammocks made with soft acrylic yarn. THEY ARE MY FAVOURITE!
  • You want your hammock or chair to be really kid friendly ? Your best pick then is a fabric hammock like the Colombian ones.
  • You want a nice looking hammock that will stay put all summer long and that will upgrade your backyard or terrace ? Spreader bar hammocks offer that special look. The more comfortable rope hammock is the Deluxe CARIBBEAN spreader bar hammocks. Its micro weave produce the tightest weave of all avoiding skin marks and burns. The soft spun polyester is as soft as cotton but will last 5 times longer.
  • Your goal is to take your hammock with you (camping, trekking, cycling, travelling, etc) ? You want a kid friendly hammock that is machine washable ? you do not have the necessary 11' to 13' to hang other types of hammocks ? The parachute nylon hammocks are a good choice. TREK Hamaca hammocks are the best at a fraction of the price.